Welcome to the Catholic Diocese of Wrexham in Wales


I have great pleasure in welcoming you to the website of the Diocese of Wrexham.  I hope that its pages will give you a taste of the vibrant Catholic life which flourishes in this Diocese.  You will also find the website to be a reliable source of information!

We tell the story of the Good News of Jesus Christ, who is the icon of God’s love for all humanity.  Let us rejoice that amongst the confused messages of the internet, we proclaim the clear pure message of Jesus’ love in the life of the Catholic Church. 

+ Peter Brignall
Bishop of Wrexham

New Roman Missal

The new Liturgy has been introduced progressively into parishes in the Diocese over the past year.  To learn more and to access resources, please click here

Catholic Enquiry

The Bishops' Conference launches a new website for those interested in learning more about the Catholic Faith.

To access the website, click here

Pope Benedict XVI

Papal Visit

To re-live the visit of the Holy Father, and read all his homiles and messages, as well as viewing many pictures, please click here to enter the official visit website (www.thepapalvisit.org.uk)

John Roberts2

400th Anniversary Celebrations of the Martyrdom of Saint John Roberts, Trawsfynydd

10th December 2009 saw the beginning of a year of celebrations.  For details of those events click here

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